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Net Worth Calculator

Why Net Worth Calculator

As families seek to improve the management of their economic resources and develop plans for strengthening their financial position in the future, a logical first step is to determine their present financial position. A common tool used to determine financial well-being is the net worth statement, a personal balance sheet itemizing the assets and liabilities of the household, with total net worth being the difference between the two. Every year, your net worth should be tabulated to review your progress and compare it with your financial goals. In addition, a net-worth statement i s a valuable aid in planning your estate and establishing a record for loan and insurance purposes.

Don't worry about your net worth compared to others. Instead, concentrate on improving your own net worth. A great goal is to improve your net worth by 1% each month. You will be amazed at the improvement you can make in just a few years if you work on getting that 1% improvement each month.

Simply put, your current net worth is the sum of your assets minus your liabilities. To start, please enter the approximate value of what you have and what you owe.
Cash (Liquid Assets)  
  Current accounts
  Savings accounts
  Bank FDs (Fixed deposit)
  Life Insurance (cash surrender value)
  Liquid/ Cash Funds
  Other cash
  Total Cash Rs.
Investments (Financial Assets)  
  Securities (Stocks, Bonds)
  Mutual Funds (Equity, Debt or Gilt)
  Gold ETF/ Funds
  Other investments
  Total Investments Rs.
Tangible Assets  
  Home (market value)
  Real Estate (market value)
  Bullion (silver, gold, etc)
  Jewellry, Art and Collectibles
  Other Assets
  Total Property Rs.
  EPF (current Value)
  Pensions (current value)
  PPF (current Value)
  Other assets
  Total Retirement Rs.
  Automobile (present value)
  Notes and Accounts receivable
  Total Others Rs.
  Total Assets Rs.
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